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Home List of Molded Products Property chart Polycoat offers  variety of PTFE (polytetrafluroethylene) molded basic forms like rods, sheet, bush, square bars etc.

PTFE is known for its inert and corrosion resistance properties which easily encounters various otherwise difficult combinations of pressure, temperature, speed, corrosion, moisture, fumes, abrasion, friction etc.

Out of many unique properties if put in one line statement it translate as under:

bulletCorrosion resistance : Practically inert to most known chemicals to mankind.
bulletTough yet flexible at wide range of temperature, including cryogenic temperature.
bulletLowest co efficient of friction, PTFE has second lowest coefficient of friction. Second best to Wet Ice to Wet Ice.
bulletAlmost zero absorption of water, moisture.
bulletNon toxic, odor and colorless, non aging, sable under various light conditions, hygienic.
bulletBest electrical and dielectric properties, low power factor, no tracking.
bulletIdeal for sealing at elevated temperature upto 250oC.

Few Application area

Chemical and petrochemical Industries Gaskets, Tubes, Gland seals, Packing, Valve seats, "O" rings, Lantern rings, Diaphragms, Thread sealant tapes, universal rope packing, flexible hoses etc.
Electrical and electronic industries Inserts, insulators, adaptors, beads, holders for valves, connectors, spacers, sleevings etc.
Medical and orthopedic Artificial bones, ear plugs, kidneys etc.
Aerospace industries Application in this area is so wide that we really can not list it here.
Engineering Bearings, piston rings, slide tracks, oil seals, gaskets, washers, diaphragm for pumps, valves, gears etc.
Scientific equipments Expansion joints, bellows, connection gaskets, crescent rings etc.
Rubber and tyre industries Washers, seals, steam hoses etc.

Product Range:

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All dimensions are in mm, unless specified.

List of Molded Products Property chart

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